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“Our reason for seeking counseling was to keep our wonderful relationship wonderful.  We believe you take care of what’s important to you.  Our intention was to find someone to help us continue to evolve interdependently.  Megen has been a perfect addition to our team.  She is genuine.  Her connection with us is organic and caring.  These attributes are why we welcomed her into our sacred space.  Megen is respectful of where we are in our evolution and meets us exactly there, ready with skills to help us grow.  Our relationship has only grown stronger with deeper connections.  Neither one of us thought it was possible to love each other more than we already do.  However, Megen has shown us how to expound even further on our love for each other.  Figuratively speaking, we’ve built a fabulous house with a great foundation and good bones.  Now, we’re decorating it.”  

“I had been battling a sickness for many years that no medical professional was able to diagnose.  Megen helped me understand just how connected the mind and body are and showed me how my multi-traumatic childhood was affecting my physical health.  This, even after 20+ years of counseling dedicated to my childhood.  That moment was life-changing for me.  Together with my husband and Megen, I found the courage to face the last big boulder of emotional trauma.  Ever since then, my body has begun to heal from the inside out.  I feel like new!  Everything I feel, is processed so easily through new pathways that we have worked together to build.  Viscerally, I feel lighter.  I feel FREE!  I’ve had a picture in my mind of what that would look like and feel like for years.  The reality is exponentially better!  Without the support, reflection and well-placed laugh from Megen, this would not have been possible.  She helped save my life, truly.”

“For my whole life, my existence and perception of self was linked to the roles and responsibilities I felt I had and that others had for me. I was created to be what other people wanted at the expense of myself.  Megen gave me the tools that I needed to navigate cultural norms, societal expectations and expected familial obligations.  Together with my wife and Megen, I’m continuing to learn that I am not a machine, object or cog in someone’s wheel. In my experience, my abusers worked tirelessly at shaming me back into the role they had created for me. I no longer fit or am willing to be placed in someone else’s box they had expected me to reside in.  I have learned to make healthy decisions and choices around these topics with confidence and without the burden of guilt.  I have set healthy boundaries with those closest to me and have tamed the negative internal voices implanted by several abusers throughout my life.  In doing so, my relationships with these people have changed drastically.  I am aware that I cannot change the condition of their hearts, however, for those worthy and deserving there will always be a seat at my “table of life” if and when they are ready to have a healthy relationship with me.”

 "It would be impossible to list all the benefits I gained from my counseling experience with Megen.  Megen helped me 

 to understand the long ingrained habits that can be undone and to trust myself and my decisions. Knowing who you are, your strengths and weakness, is necessary in traversing through this crazy would we live in.  Megen was the key to helping me discover who I am and I will forever be in her debt. She is real, honest, and she cares."

"Megen is extremely easy to open up to and very smart and insightful.  She was an integral part of my life during a very

difficult time and her help was invaluable."


"I cannot begin to express how much Megen has helped me coping with my issues.  To put it plainly, Megen​ has a God given talent and has found her calling in life."

"Megen Macdonald is very bright.  She understands exactly how to elicit your feelings and reveal what's really behind your fears and problems.  She is gentle, empathetic and and a kind soul."

"Life changer!  Megen is smart, supportive and safe.  The work we did together was foundational to my wellbeing.  Thank you, Megen!"

"I would strongly recommend Megen to anyone that feels they could use some help improving their life.  We feel it is one of the best investments of time and money we have ever made!"

"Megen was a tremendous help with my anxiety/panic disorder issues as well as providing guidance regarding my relationships with my son, my husband and work related issues. I have recommended Megen to others and I know they were extemely pleased with her counseling too.  Megen always made me feel that I could come back to her if needed. In my opinion she is excellent."

"Megen was a huge help to me while I was going through a divorce.  She was very empathetic and made me feel comfortable to explore my emotions openly with her and with myself.  Seeing her regularly was a huge help processing my feelings and working through such a difficult time in my life."

"Megen helped me immensely through a very difficult time in my life.  Her compassion and ability to listen made my process a lot easier.  She asked me great questions but she also gave me information so that I could work through the decisions that I had and make a more clear choice.  I consider her a great resource."

"Megen has guided me into becoming a responsible, forward thinking, positive person. Together several years, we worked through walls, emotional changes and her assistance allowed me to set boundaries with myself and with others. This has made me the healthy person I am today. I could not have done that without her help. I have never felt better, happier, or as strong as I do now."

"I first approached Megen at a very difficult point in my life.  I knew that I had to make a change and that change was to come out as a gay man.  My world was complicated and many people were involved.  This was going to affect my business my relationships my finances and I needed a lot of support." 

"Megen has completely changed my life and is true professional in her work. When you feel like your world is broken into a million pieces, Megen gets on her hands and knees, picks up every piece with you and then lets you know that she will work with you until every piece is put back into place. And the end result of that work is a portrait of a healthy person in mind, body and spirit. Thank you Megen."


"Megen helped me to reset myself both personally and professionally and I had never reached out for counseling or therapy prior to calling Megen. I had relocated for a job and that business environment became so difficult that I felt like my life was crashing in on me and I was having major difficulties in deciding what to do with the job and myself and Megen worked with me to help me pick up the pieces and find short and long term solutions. She helped me to improve how to deal with my difficult family relationships and also helped to greatly improve my decision making processes in my professional world so that I could make sense of the situation I was in with my job to find a good result for me. Megen is an amazing listener and advisor and each time I visited I was always impressed at her recall of my background as she really invested her time in helping me and I’m forever grateful for her help."

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